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Lana Spreco

A Bosnian-Swedish Writer & Poet

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Lana Spreco , a Bosnian-Swedish writer and poet, born in October 1985, in Bosnia, a Southeastern European country in the Balkan Peninsula, a region that was torn by too many conflicts and wars, which led Spreco parents to flee to Linkoping in Sweden when she was still 6 years old, with a one year younger sibling. Being a child refugee, she developed a deeper view on life at a very young age, feeling like her innocence was stolen from her so early. This has largely affected Spreco's writings leading her to choose the more serious themes, letting words illuminate her heavyhearted side. Even though her parents did a great job at giving their children a happy childhood in Sweden - despite their tragic life circumstances, still she has never really been able to get rid of the numb nostalgia in her heart which often shines through in her poetry.

Linkoping is also where she finished a musical high school program as well as got her bachelor's degree in Cultural and Art Sciences. She was torn between wanting to study Psychology and Philosophy but chose Philosophy in the end. Her natural love and predisposition for both fields are also a big part of what drives her to write as she observes the world around her and turns what she's analyzed into little stories, often fictional or half-fictional. Her autobiographical poems are usually very dramatic and deeply emotional. She got married in 2009 and moved to Gothenburg to where her husband ran a company. She worked alongside finishing her studies as well as helped him out in his company where she could. When she became a mother in 2013 and 2015, she knew she would have to slow down for the sake of their children. She is therefore currently raising two boys together with her husband at the same time as she is slowly but surely finishing her Master thesis to pursue a doctor's degree in Practical Philosophy as well as work in the academic world as a scientist and researcher on moral philosophy, happiness, virtue ethics and religious philosophy.

Spreco discovered her passion for words at a very early age when she was only 8 years old, writing small poetic pieces and song lyrics as well as telling tales. Art of all kind was her ultimate personal satisfaction as she used to sing, play piano, and dance throughout her early youth but also paint with acrylics and aquarelles - especially idyllic landscapes as well as abstract art and emotionally expressive paintings. Being on and off at writing for all of the past years due to intense periods and tragic life events in a row, the ink kept itching inside of her, leading her to fully focus on her writing career by spring 2018, gathering all of her poems and song lyrics to be able to finally publish her debut book, followed by many others.

Writing is certainly an undying passion of hers, where she seemed to have been born with a sixth finger: a pen in her hand at all times. Ever since she can remember she has carried around heaps of notebooks and pads, books for reading, texts to edit, scripts in progress, ideas for stories and novels, scribbles, quotes and thoughts - literally everywhere she has been. And because she went through a lot of eventful, turbulent and dramatic ten past years, where a lot of pain and trauma were caused and endured, she embraced writing as a self-therapy to start her own healing the best way she knew. The words started to pour out of her pen faster than ever, helping her to breathe again, and to resurface from the deepest feelings of pain, turning her into a stronger and wiser woman writer, adding immensely to the depth of her texts and life philosophy.

The heartfelt poems that she writes make you feel that you are reading for a senior old writer, when she, in fact, just turned 33 years of age, with a growing desire to write more and more about the themes she always hit, like life and its frailty, faith in God, death, the Hereafter as well as the transience of everything and the irreversibility of what has already been lost. And although her poetry seems to be tragic, it also shines with hope, optimism, resilience and strength. Her first two poetry publications will see the light through E-Poets Society publishing house, where too many literary projects are under process between the two parties, and planned to be published one at a time.

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