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Ghada El Murr

A Lebanese Writer & Poet

Author’s Overview

Ghada Al Murr, a Lebanese writer and poet born on November 4, 1971 in Koura district, North Lebanon, the land of world known authors. Since early age she showed interest to literary classes and studies and was clearly noticed for her talent in essay writings. Even though she had five brothers and two sisters, she found herself lonely and miserable after they all immigrated to the American continent fleeing from the Lebanese civil war, a reason she found in reading and writing the companion that killed her loneliness and sorrow.

She earned her bachelor degree in law but never practiced it as a profession due to her early marriage and being a mother at a young age. She, at her turn, was forced to live abroad in Saudi Arabia for 13 years because of her husband’s work commitments in the Gulf region. This period had a great impact on El Murr’s attachment to writing in order to fill the big emptiness that surrounded her days and nights leading her to write mostly about alienation’s pain longing to her homeland Lebanon, to her parents, but also about love, humanity, life and social thoughts. She wrote many articles about political leaders that had influence on her at a younger age, which made her grow a patriotic spirit and a thirst for revolution against all kinds of injustice and political corruption.

In 2003, she flew back to her most beloved Lebanon where she focused on writing for four consecutive years without really having the confidence and trust in publishing them despite the continuous encouragement of her husband and friends to release her debut book. It is until she was familiar with social media, where she used to share her thoughts and writings with a large audience and she truly felt the need to let her work see the light. Al Murr kept on writing modern prose poetry that referred to many themes, mostly sad ones and influenced by the human misery that surrounded her society. However, she held through writing the flag of too many human causes and fought for justice, encouraging youth to strive for their dreams and achieve their goals no matter their age and the price they have to pay. Al Murr dedicates her writing career to women in general and mother in particular for they sacrifice their personal dreams and ambitions in order to raise up generations.

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