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Ahmad Jaber

A Lebanese Author, Storyteller & Entrepreneur

Author’s Overview

Ahmad Jaber is a Lebanese author, storyteller, communications consultant and entrepreneur. He holds a degree in Design and has spent the majority of his career between Dubai and his beloved Beirut.
He is passionate about helping people, brands and organizations tell their stories. Ahmad's areas of expertise include working with youth entrepreneurs and young executives, social enterprises, marketing activation strategies, social media, content creation, story-telling, branding and customized communications for a variety of audiences and mediums.
His first published book, “Habib – A Camera, Some Hummus and a Love Story in Beirut”, was a bestselling short story in 2017. He has now followed that up with a sequel titled “Habib – Indiana, a Dirty Pug and a Revolution” in 2020.
Ahmad possesses an array of writing styles, while his descriptive writing makes him a standout storyteller, with story characters that are not to be missed out!

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