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Unzila Iftikhar

A Pakistani Teen Writer & Poet

Author’s Overview

Unzila Iftikhar, a Pakistani teen writer and poet, born on April 2, 2003, in Karachi, the most populous and cosmopolitan city in Pakistan. Being in her final secondary school year, and a potential student in surgical medicine (MBBS), she managed to be a star among the generation of instapoets and teen readers, writing in English, and watching her verses going viral.

Iftikhar writes about love, longing, breakups and heartaches, all the topics... common on social media within her generation of readers and fans, that keep on quoting her with every love post of theirs. Her poetry draws a fine line between accessibility and over-simplicity, presenting short confessional prose texts with erratic line breaks that share hard-won truths, regardless her young age. Her writings blend the spontaneity and rawness of a teenage poet's reactions towards how the world treats young girls, especially in a closed and conservative society like in Pakistan, indicating how these young female poets are, across countries, cultures and religions, forging distinct identities.

We all know that the teenage years are a time when we experience some of life's most difficult issues for the first time, like first love, first breakup, first heartache, first missing of a beloved, first disappointment, and many other adult problems that teens deal with, without any valuable past experiences to guide their decisions. Even though Iftikhar belongs to that generation, she successfully managed to express her modest experience in love and lust, relationships and heartbreaks, identity and empowerment, and turn it into sensual, deep and intense poems that interest a wide group of age.

And because Iftikhar writings are instagram based, she grew a big fan base who found her words scrollable, savable and sharable, they are easy to recall if a teen is in need of a love quote or an impulsive saturday night tattoo, especially that her words are already at the fingertips of every reader glued to their smartphone.

Unzila... with her beautiful loving soul, contributed to fill the almost suffocatingly toxic landscape of social media with a little hope for love and beauty. This girl that has always been the kind of person that you would find reading a book in a corner whenever u lose sight of, or writing down her most imaginery love scenes on a piece of paper, is dreaming today of becoming a world-known writer and poet, and let youth spread her words to the benefit of long lived love, and ever existing passion. Her debut book is electronically seeing the light in November 2018, published by E-Poets Society publishing house, and dedicated to all loving hearts and souls out there in the most forgotten corners of this shattered world.


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