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Dr. Sarjoun Karam

A Lebanese-German Writer, Poet & Professor

Author’s Overview

Sarjoun Fayez Karam, a Lebanese-German writer, poet, translator, professor and academic researcher, born in 1970, in Achrafieh, the heart of the capital Beirut, Lebanon. During the outbreak of the Lebanese civil war, he fled with his family from eastern Beirut to Fiee', a village in koura, north Lebanon.

He received his elementary studies at St. George's public school in Fiee', and continued his secondary classes at Khalil Salem school, Deddeh. Due to his deep love to his mother tongue language, he completed his bachelor and master studies in Arabic language and literature at the University of Balamand, Lebanon.

After immigrating to Germany, his passion to languages led him to pursue his studies and acquire a diploma in the German language and literature as a foreign philological language from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. His unlimited ambition allowed him to be a Ph. D holder in Arabic literature from the same University where his dissertation was entitled "The Christian Symbol In Modern Arabic Poetry". He completed as well his professional thesis at the University of Bonn, Germany, entitled " Sheikh Ahmed Reza Al Amman (1872-1953) Shiite contribution to the cultural and linguistic movement renewed in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century".

Currently, Dr. Sarjoun is a professor of Arabic, grammar, literature and translation at the Institute of Oriental and Asian studies, Faculty of Philosophy at Bonn University, Germany. He is also a publisher and a project manager for translating the modern Arabic poetry into German. He is a member in the "Copyright Collective Union", "The Arabic Language Complex", in Bemberg, Germany, and "The Lebanese Writers Union" in Lebanon.

So far, he has published four diwans: "Aberrant Solo On Abdul Kader Jilani's Musical Instruments", "Waiting For Mordechai", "This Is Me", "Silk And Dagger In The Khalifa's Garden". His fifth diwan "The Omniscient" is expected to be published in 2019 as soon as he finishes it. 

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