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Pamela Osman

A Lebanese-Serbo-Croatian Author

Author’s Overview

Pamela Osman, a Lebanese-Serbo-Croatian author of contemporary quotes about love, life, success and nature, she published to date three e-books entitled: "The quote book", "Flowly", and "The story behind the quote".

Her goals in life are simple – to finish raising two happy, healthy and successful young kids, to keep on writing quotes and publishing books for as long as she possibly can, to travel to as many places as she can afford, in order to collect stories inspiring her to write beautiful and meaningful quotes.

Also being a university teacher and a visionary entrepreneur, she always wanted to be a step ahead of the competition, leading her to establish two of the most promising on-line platforms, two full time tasks that didn’t stop her from dreaming and writing.

She always pushed people around her to have a clear picture of what is going on around them, to pause from time to time, move away from every noise, and isolate themselves from friends and family, because we all need to sit alone in a place teeming with peace, practice a meditation ritual, and think carefully of the reasons and circumstances, whether negative or positive, that led us to where we are. In case of negativity, we try to find solutions and make radical changes in our management of things, and in case of positivity, we try to develop our way to reach what is even greater.

Empowering people was her all-time concern, as well as selecting heart felt words and speaking them out, in order to expand the circle of the emitted light, covering the paths of everyone in a mile circle around her, lighting up the ways of many shattered souls.

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