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بيادر الحكمة

by Rabih Lteif

Book Type: Modern Arabic Quotes

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3 chapters & 288 pages



خواطر وحِكم

خواطر وحِكم
- Born on the 9th of June 1977 in Ghebaleh Ftouh keserwan.
- Holds a bachelor degree in law from the Lebanese University (2001), a Certificate in Business Management from Notre Dame University (2007) and a Proficiency Certificate in Intellectual Property Assets Management from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – Geneva (2013).
- Senior Legal Advisor and Manager of legal affairs and intellectual property rights protection for a multinational group of companies.
- Expert in intellectual and literary property asset management.
- Chief Editor Of “ Al Intima’ ”Magazine.
- Holds a gold medal and an appreciation award in the category of poetry from Tele Liban (1999).
- Holds a certificate of distinction- Father Louis Hajj Award- Faculty of music and literature from USEK (2010).
- Holds a certificate of appreciation from the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO (2016), a “Fidof” Certificate of appreciation (1999), and an honorary shield from Sawt-al Chaer magazine in (2011).
- Member of the Lebanese Poetry Union and several intellectual and literary forums and associations.
- Has writings and Publications in literature, politics and poetry.
- Actively participates in poetry evenings in addition to several legal and literary events.
- Participated in several Literary and legal programs on television and radio, notably those concerning the role of women and their rights in various Lebanese applicable laws.
- Among his publications two poetic releases: “Douroub Al Hanin” (2004) and “Lawn El Wajaa” (2011).
- Threshing floors of wisdom 2017 ( wisdom and quotes ) in 3 Languages.
- Issued a Constitutional & Electoral study during the parliamentary elections of 2009.