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على ذمّة الخيانة

by Hyam El Tawm

Book Type: Modern Arabic Poetry

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55 chapters & 176 pages



شعر عربي حديث

شعر عربي حديث
Hyam Hasib El Tawm, a Lebanese Novelist and poet, born on February 27, 1973, in the town of Al-Kaa, Bekaa, Eastern Lebanon, but left it at an early age to continue her education in the schools of the capital Beirut. She completed her higher education at the Lebanese University, holding a diploma in Physiotherapy. She also studied psychology, but quit from third year before getting her degree. She as well received a diploma in Theological and Pastoral studies from the Institute of Protection at Sin El Fil.

The ink, though, was walking in parallel to all that, along those learning years, because it was Hyam's first and utmost passion where she started writing poetry at the age of fifteen and was utterly fond of reading and writing.

El Tawm currently works as a physical therapist at the Central Military Hospital and in her private clinic, but believes that words are the essential treatment for all diseases and that love is the only solution to all problems. In her previous professional career, she worked in the field of media and presented many events and festivals. As a result, she was assigned as the director of the cultural page in "Hunting" e-magazine journal and conducted a lot of interviews and investigations for RAM News website.

In 2004 she collected her poems in a debut diwan "Memory Fantasies" that included free poems depicting how memory stores all the love and sadness from the moment of birth till death. In 2015 she wrote her first novel "Affair with a former lover" a novel... full of sensations and romance that deals with many subjects such as love, marital differences, sickness, death, betrayal, homeland and war. Her latest publication saw the light in 2018 which is a poetry book titled "On the authority of treason", and is currently in the process of writing a new novel.

El Tawm has many Lebanese and Arabic press interviews and has set up a lot of poetry evenings on the entire homeland area. Her writing style took a special approach in modern poetry where it is characterized by simple surrealism yet inimitable, spinning mostly in the astronomy of love whether in novels or poetry. She recently joined "E-Poets Society" as a serious step towards digitizing her books and making them accessible to a wider online audience all over the globe.