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  • The Last Breath Commandments

    $4.99 No unicorns, no rainbows, no butterflies, no prettier image, just a painful reality that made the poet bleed all of his ink on the papers, and whisper his last breath commandments. Buy Now
  • The Utmost Ambitions After Forty

    $4.99 A compilation of poems dealing with quotidian feelings such as love, longing, lamentation, regret and disappointment, throughout the twists of fate that forever change our destinies, and lower our ambitions to the simplest dreams after forty. Buy Now
  • My Nose Will Grow If I Say I Forgot Her

    $4.99 Poems that convey the initial feelings of shock and loss first felt when a relationship with a loved one ends, descending into an emotional downward spiral, in which longing, missing, emptiness, sorrow and despair are passionately portrayed. Buy Now
  • Was, Still And Remains

    $4.99 This book is a praise to the poet’s muse, to the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she sleeps, and the way she wakes up, it is a tribute to his all-consuming love, and a heartful attempt to put meanings to what true passion is. Buy Now
  • Death In The Park

    $2.99 A book about the beauty of love, life and landscape. A collection of poems that came out of the poet's day-dreaming thoughts about a perfect world, and from his own philosophy of life. Buy Now
  • The Quote Book

    $2.99 Inspirational and motivational quotes on life, love and much else. Ideal for pepping up speeches, letters or just for empowering you to live life to the fullest. Buy Now
  • Sidrat Al Hawa

    $4.99 A collection of prose poetry where the poet describes love as a prayer on its way to the open gates of heaven, a prayer that takes him out of the earth's darkness, and enlightens his heart and every reader's heart. Buy Now
  • You

    $3.99 A collection of teen poems about love, longing, breakups, heartaches, and all the topics that are common within the teenagers generation. Buy Now
  • Addicted To Ecstasy, Flirting With The Grapevine

    $4.99 A collection of poems that merge two different types of romantic love: compassionate and passionate. Compassionate love involves feelings of mutual respect, trust, and affection while passionate love involves intense feelings and sexual attraction. Buy Now
  • A Hat For A Chopped Head

    $4.99 A heart touching poetry book about an immigrant syrian poet who found himself instinctively writing about his nostalgia for his homeland and brotherhood, love and wounds, fate and destiny. Buy Now
  • 48 Hours At Ras Baalbek

    $4.99 An academic book that presents a new approach for learners to deal with the act of reading in this electronic communication era, based on transforming reading into a good steady habit in the daily life of our youth. Buy Now
  • And God Has Another Thoughts

    $4.99 A poetry book like no other, a compilation of daring poems that won the General Union Award for writers and authors in Iraq under 35 years of age for 2018, characterized by a deep philosophical style of writing. Buy Now