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٤٨ سَاعَة في رَأْس بَعْلَبَك

by Rizkallah Helou

Book Type: Educational Arabic Short Stories

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2 sections, 17 chapters & 144 pages



كتاب تعليمي أكاديمي

كتاب تعليمي أكاديمي
Rikzallah Helou, a Lebanese writer, educator and journalist, born on August 6, 1967, in the city of Beirut, the beloved capital of Lebanon. He received his elementary and secondary education at "College Mont La Salle", and continued his high education at the Lebanese university, studying journalism, the profession he embraced in parallel with Arabic teaching for the last twenty eight years of his life. 

Being a secondary classes teacher for the Arabic language, at many Lebanese schools, and a well reputed journalist and news editor at many newspapers, radio stations and websites, he grew a passion for the academic field and all the activities... related to education and knowledge, leading him to establish the "Arabic Academy Award" website and corporation, to create, organize and manage all kind of educational events, and publish works that pay homage to the language.

Between the educator's dark red highlighter that hunts the grammar faults and evaluates the literature form, and the journalist pen that pours black on white, Helou spent the first three decades of his professional life, it is only upon entering his fourth decade that he decided to publish his debut book, trying to simulate the intense literature style and experience of Amin Al-Rihani, through travelling, discovering other cultures, taking notes and commenting between the lines, making out of his trips a valuable story to be narrated. That is how his debut book "48 Hours At Ras-Baalbek" saw the light, after hundreds of writings and articles in politics, society and art at many lebanese, Saudi and Emirati media channels.

This exact first publication changed the whole path and vision of Helou, so he decided to replace teaching by writing and publishing academic books in the most creative and modern style of narration, keeping his literature writings and publications for a later stage. A step that led the author to land in China, having the curiosity for discovering the Chinese culture, exploring its traditions, and connecting with a people that knew how to change the opinion of the world towards him, with his consistent work and perseverance, throughout the last 40 years of reform and openness.

What will the outcome of his Chinese visit be? Is it predicting the birth of his second publication, that might this time hold the title of "18 Days In The Chinese Homeland"?

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