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أُعَاقِرُ النَّشْوَةَ، أُغَازِلُ الدَّالِيَة

by Osama Mohsen

Book Type: Modern Arabic Poetry

Date Published:


Chapters & Pages:

17 chapters & 81 pages



شعر عربي حديث

شعر عربي حديث
Osama Mohsen, a Syrian writer and poet, born on June 19, 1986, in the city of Damascus in Syria, the land of civilizations and the mother of proto-alphabetical inscriptions. He holds a bachelor of law from Damascus university - faculty of law.

Author of three prose poetry books to date, published by "Dar Al Nahda Al Arabiya" for the paperback edition and by E-Poets Society for the electronic edition. He participated in many poetry events and evenings in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, where many media channels covered his activities. Also, articles about his works were written in Arabic newspapers and magazines, depicting his soulful style, and describing him as a philosophical poet filled with flashes of love and humanity.

His deepest intuition of life led him to dive into the manifestation of meanings and symbols, and float in the space of imagination defying war and disappointments.

Being an immigrant poet who was forced to live abroad and quit his most beloved torn country, he found himself instinctively writing about his nostalgia for his homeland and brotherhood, love and wounds, fate and destiny.

His inspiration came out of his intense suffering that clears his soul and transforms it into a creative force helping him to stand strong against whatever destiny throws in his way.

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