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سِدْرَةُ الهَوَى

by Kazem Akar

Book Type: Modern Arabic Poetry

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29 chapters & 120 pages



شعر عربي حديث

شعر عربي حديث
Kazem Akar, a Lebanese writer, poet and journalist, born in 1969, in the city of Tyre in Southern Lebanon. He grew up in the city of Baalbek where he received his elementary and secondary education, deciding later to combine both religious and academic studies, joining "Al Imam Al-Montazar" college of religious studies in the same city, where he studied fiqh, language science, speech science, grammar, and others with an elite group of scholars and specialized clerics. He then moved to Beirut, the capital, where he continued his high education at the Lebanese University - Faculty of Arts.

Being in the field of media and journalism since 1990, Akar has written several cultural, political and variety programs and articles for a number of Lebanese broadcasting corporations, as well as local and Arabic websites and magazines. In addition to his media and journalistic work, he works in the proofreading for a number of publishing houses, cultural and news sites.

Also being the director of public relations and a founding member of the Arab center for dialogue and studies, specializing in the establishment of conferences and seminars on dialogue and citizenship, strengthening the bonds of coexistence and civil peace, but also a member of the media committee at the forum of religions and cultures for development and dialogue, he has organized, managed and participated in numerous conferences and symposiums related to religion, dialogue, citizenship and coexistence.

Next to his work as a media professional, he had a growing passion in poetry and literature, a passion that he shared with many poets in Lebanon and the Arab world, leading him to participate and take part into many poetry evenings and put his media potential in its service, writing numerous articles and conducting numerous interviews that included a large number of poets from all over the region. It all began as a sincere hobby that he discovered in his early twenties, having a promising experience, where he wrote in his pure language, about love, beauty, joy and sadness, writings that merged reality and imagination, pain and hope, creating a soulful style that addresses the spirit, heart and mind of the reader.

Considering poetry writing as a spiritual and psychological remedy for the writer and the reader together, and having a vision that found its way to everyone's soul, he chose to write modern poetry and prose, and had many participations in some specialized websites in literature and poetry, building a wide audience of followers through his social media pages and other related media channels.

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