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كانَ وما زالَ وباقٍ

by Ralph Younes

Book Type: Modern Arabic Poetry

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78 chapters & 122 pages



شعر عربي حديث

شعر عربي حديث
Ralph Gaby Younes, a Lebanese writer and poet, born on August 3, 1975 within the beginning of the ominous Lebanese War, which left its impact on the personality of the majority of his generation and developed their inner feeling of revolution and belonging to homeland.

He inherited from his mother, Bernadette, his tendency to writing and poetry and from his father, the love of art in all its forms. In his childhood, he accompanied him to his work in the field of antiques and precious stones, a world he has always been attracted to and aiming to discover. This what led him to study the history of art and follow a specialization in Gemology in Europe, to become an expert in diamonds and precious stones as well as practicing painting, sculpture and writing.

He worked as a jewelry designer in many companies between Lebanon and the Gulf and came back to establish his own company in 2004 for designing and manufacturing precious jewels, as well as the trade of diamonds and precious stones, however, this did not keep him away from what he loves most : "Writing".

He issued his first book in 2005 entitled  "Here lies the Arab decision", which carried between its pages the anger of the young poet towards an Arab entity lacking popular legitimacy, unmindful towards to the tragedies of people and their needs and unable to make sovereign decisions because of its close ties to foreign policies. He issued later the book "Lebanese citizen... with regret" to bear the pains of young Lebanese and the problems of migration, displacement, poverty, unemployment and non-affiliation.

He moved ahead with writing poems tackling politics, society and relationships until he had thirty books on patriotism, life, love and women. The poet was well known by his own language and poetic figures, which reflects an exceptional literary imagination. His poetry style was characterized by romance, passion and nostalgia. He combined both the simplicity and eloquence that characterizes modern poetry with a clear mix between his Oriental origins and his openness to the West through his audacious words and poetry figures, which formed the literary itinerary of Younes and kept him out of the flock of Arab poets. 

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