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Sir Milan J. Petrovic

A Serbian Short Story Writer & Poet

Author’s Biography

Sir Milan J. Petrovic, a Serbian short story writer and poet, born on December 19, 1942, in Aleksinac, a calm yet inspiring town in Southern Serbia. He discovered the world of words at a very young age, and proved to be a voracious reader, owning a private library of thousands of books, where he could spend hours and hours reading and writing, the two most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far found. Growing up and living in a Communist region torn by many wars, Petrovic found solace and comfort in poetry and literature, taking a different path, and chosing to write about the beauty of love, life and landscape, when all the authors of his generation were dedicated to explore the questions of nation, nationalism, freedom, identity, and all kind of political themes trying to picture themselves as victims of the system. In general, people love tragedy, sadness, conflicts, exile, refugees, etc, and when all of these are present in the poetry of his lost generation, and when most of the Yugoslavian art works at that time rang with pathos, anger, irony, and sarcasm, Petrovic has given an impetus and a new focus to his writings, and many of his poems and prose pieces came out of his day-dreaming thoughts about a perfect world, all put together, from the stories he had actually lived or heard, from those he read in the papers and books, and those that came from his own philosophy of life. His poems flew outside the flock of those poems rooted in clinical detail, leaning more towards metaphors and strong imagery, moving away from a traditional, introspection poetry to more expressionistic, free-form verse, where he began dabbling in the short story, a form he perfectly mastered. With more than ten books in his collection thus far, Petrovic family is bringing back his philosophy to light, by re-publishing his old writings, but also his newly collected prose poetry, in both digital and printed forms. "Death In The Park" being his first published book in the seventies, is coming back to life in a 2018 e-book version, to be followed by his complete collection... to date. 

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