Who We Are


E-Poets Society is an international publishing house. Founded in 2018, the company includes a team of design, internet, media, literature and education veterans who share a passion for helping authors bring their works to life in the most advanced way. Based in Beirut, E-Poets Society is the newest platform for creating and publishing e-books, but also printed and illustrated forms of independent books for multinational authors all around the world.

Our platform is built for personal book makers, authors of all kinds, creative professionals and artists. We put you, the author, in control. Everything from how you design your cover to how you fill the inside layout, from how to publish your content to how you promote it and sell it, all these steps are followed, executed and fine-tuned by books making experts at E-Poets Society. Let us make modern, creative, beautiful, amazing books together.

What sets us apart

The things that set us apart from our competitors are:

  • Challenging our team

    Creating remarkable experiences requires enormous passion for what we do, therefore we challenge our team to excel in all aspects of publishing by setting up an environment of open communication with everyone in the company.

  • Fully committed

    We are committed to provide superior services and products at the highest level of quality and professionalism, by encouraging a culture of innovation that facilitates the development of new techniques, tools and technologies.

  • Independently owned

    We are independently owned and managed by expert publishers and academics, not financial investors and business minded tycoons, that is why we provide the dedication and commitment our readers expect.

  • Embracing change

    We believe in continuous and dedicated marketing for as long as the content is relevant, taking into consideration that things change very quickly, trusting that either we embrace change or the business dies.

  • Continuous consultation

    We are in continuous consultation with the publishing community to influence our direction, taking into consideration the ever changing needs of our authors, societies, booksellers, librarians, online readers and end-users.

  • Unique reading experiences

    We use digital technology to create unique reading experiences and expand the reach of our authors as it is the end of the paperbook Era, and the rise of the electronic books being accessible on all kind of devices.