Refund Policy


It is way too simple to click "Proceed to checkout" in your shopping basket, only to realize that the wrong e-book has made it into your library. To remedy these accidental purchases, E-Poets Society allows buyers to return an e-book for a refund within 48 hours. After two days, you will have to either keep the e-book or delete it without a refund.
Here's how to return an e-book, remove it from your library and receive immediate refund.
Go to “Contact Us”, fill in “Return For Refund” in the subject box, and write the cause for which you are requesting this action out of the following:
- Accidental purchase.
- Payment processed twice for the same item.
- Item not received in my library for any technical reason.
- Purchased a language that I am not familiar with.
And you can always add whatever explanation you may find important or useful.
A refund will be generated to your account within 24 hours of receiving your request, in a condition that it matches one of the above mentioned reasons.