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The Good Dose

by Imad Abou Khalil



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Modern Coaching : Social | Psychological | leadership

One day in 2018, I shared a short story concluded by a life lesson with a few of my coaching clients over WhatsApp. They loved it. I started sharing more and more real-life stories and lessons on a weekly basis. They loved them and were inspired by them. Soon enough, I was sharing these stories almost on a daily basis. For practical reasons, I created a WhatsApp Broadcast List to "broadcast" the new messages. They shared them with their friends and family. I got many requests to add these people to my WhatsApp Broadcast List so that they can receive my messages. The broadcast list grew to almost a 1000 people most of which I never met. More than a year and a half later, I decided to put these messages and lessons in 1 book. The revolution and the political and economic changes in Lebanon, in addition to Covid 19, delayed its release another year. After Beirut explosion in 2020, I moved to a new office, and guess who was my next-door neighbor? E-Poets Society. You figure out what happened next. I hereby put between your hands 101 selected short stories. Each one is a real-life story (or inspired by one). I included a simple yet powerful and inspirational lesson that I concluded from that story. You can clearly see the power of "symbolization" in each story, probably influenced by my esoteric studies. This is a mystery for you to reveal, yet.

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Heart-felt and Inspirational read!
by Pamela Osman on 2021-03-20

A good dose of true life stories with a learnt lesson behind each. I really enjoyed reading every story. " My Marriages" is one of my favorite :)

A little bit of every-needed-thing
by Imane Abi Safi on 2021-03-20

This was much more than just The Good Dose. A success story full of life lessons. I would recommend this to anyone looking for change, for transformation!

A Must Read! I Highly Recommend The Good Dose to everyone!
by Noor Abou-Jaoude on 2021-03-27

The short true stories and life messages in The Good Dose are simply Amazing!

For a Phenomenal Transformation
by Zeinab NasserEddine on 2021-03-31

It is GREAT dose of inspiration and motivation to be absorbed slowly, and retaken when needed! It's significant the way Imad shared these simplified scientific and real life examples with intriguing questions to help us better understand ourselves and our choices! How to start making POSITIVE changes in your life? I highly recommend starting with this book :)

Your Daily needed Good Dose!
by Mirella Sokhn on 2021-04-04

Aligns perfectly with Imad's K.I.S.S. strategy: Keep it Stupidly Simple! This book opens our mind and senses on the fact that inspiration is everywhere, we just need to listen and watch more carefully and insightfully.

by Sandy ElChaar on 2021-04-20

Each story is unique, inspirational and brilliant by itself. Actually, the aim of each narrative is to teach the reader a powerful lesson about life. You can easily grasp the meaning behind them as Imad tried to explain them through either practical personal reflections and stories or even through concepts of science and physics. On top of that, some stories touch you emotionally and connect to your heart center while others would leave you in a moment of sudden revelation or recognition. Some examples that I connected with were: 1- Using pain and fear as a positive source of knowledge and refinement in life 2- Improving oneself in life is a must but also how important it is to help others as well 3- Purpose and Meaning lead you in the direction of where you want to go in life 4-….. I will leave the rest for the readers to discover :) What’s more is that you can also notice the interactive style of Imad, a person who always tries his best to connect well with people and to stimulate their thinking process. And finally, just like any other addiction, after continued reading and usage of this book, your brain

Great and real experience from real life
by Aref Abou Khalil on 2021-04-27

I learnt much from these stories .They are real stories from real life .They really motivate us to discover our inner self and our strengths as well.Thanks Imad .

by Julie Trad on 2021-09-04

The Good Dose is a wakeup call combined with real life examples that will teach you how to take control over your life. Each story has a breakpoint that will give you a moment of realisation that it is connected to you. And once you start turning the pages you won't stop, you'll love the deep connection built with each single story. You just can't get enough