Loys Fribourg

A great site with a modern European look and feel, and a clear effort to highlight the Arab writer and his works in their digital forms.

Ola Jizaoui

I've been attached to the paperback for ages, but i think i am now ready to make this shift to e-books thanks to E-Poets.

Kamal El Hurr

I had the chance to know about E-Poets from a friend of mine. Since then, i became addicted to e-reading almost every day.

Farah Christina Osman

Thanks to E-Poets Society, i finally enjoyed reading our renowned Arabic Literature and poetry in a digital form.

Lynne Dimachkia

I felt productive killing the quarantine time by reading a bunch of amazing E-Poets original novels and self-development e-books.

Elias Chedid

It is a place where art and poetry are treated with ultimate passion.

Mario Younes

I highly recommend using this platform, very easy to browse with a great variety at the tip of your fingers... It’s the "Netflix" for e-books.

Noha Geagea

Excellent literary content for famous authors, but I wish to include other categories besides novels and modern poetry.

Ralph Kounitsos

This website is building cultural bridges between writers and readers, creating not only a society of poets but also a community of modern poetry lovers.